The Learning Lab is a free resource for SchoolStatus users to gain the knowledge to become a SchoolStatus Super User. Courses are designed based on your access level of SchoolStatus (teacher vs. administrator). 

How is the Learning Lab different from the Help Center?

Good question. The Help Center (where you are now), is designed to give you quick tutorials on specific aspects of SchoolStatus. Things like how to use the filters in the At-Risk Module, or how to communicate via the Student Card or SchoolStatus Mobile. 

The Learning Lab is designed to provide essential SchoolStatus training so users 

  1. Understand why it's important to use data to communicate with stakeholders. 
  2. How to use SchoolStatus to do just that. 

I'm With You...Show Me How to Access the Learning Lab!

To access the Learning Lab, you first need to sign into SchoolStatus.

Then click on Learning Lab in the upper right corner by the search box.

You'll be taken to a new tab just for the Learning Lab. That way you'll still have your SchoolStatus account open as well.

When you first open the Learning Lab, you will not be enrolled in any courses.   Click on Browse the Catalog in the center of the screen.

Alternately. you can search the catalog by clicking Dashboard and then Catalog. You will need to use this method to enroll in additional courses. 

Click on Enroll to enroll yourself in any course.

Click on Start to begin your SchoolStatus Learning Lab path to becoming a Super User and attain your SchoolStatus Certificate of Awesomeness! Feel free to comeback and finish all the courses and outscore your friends!

Happy Learning!

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