Some SchoolStatus users, such as sports coaches, teacher's aides, speech therapists, tutors, RTI, PLC and other specialists, do not have assigned courses or student body access, but still need to see data for some-but not all-students. That's why we created Groups.

Group Tags

Anyone with the Group Tags module can view Groups.

Student Groups

A Student Group is simply a custom-made roster of some but not all students, created to meet the needs of SchoolStatus users. Students can be added or removed to keep the group up-to-date.

  • 2016-17 Basketball players
  • Students in SPED, Intervention or Gifted programs outside of regular courses.
  • Those enrolled in an after-school program.
  • Students in need of special counseling services, like speech pathology.
  • Bus riders
  • Members of student council, yearbook or other year-long activity groups outside of courses
  • Participants in short-term activities, like a field trip or the school play

User Groups

A User Group defines who has permission to view a Student Group. (When we say "users," we mean SchoolStatus account users.) Examples of User Groups might include:

  • A "2016 Basketball Coaches" User Group with permission to view the Student Group "2016 Basketball Players," so coaches can see parent contact information; an "Athletic Department" User Group that allows the Athletic Director and select athletic staff to monitor athletes' grades and attendance.
  • A "Bus Coordinators" user group to oversee bus riders
  • Staff who chaperone a field trip or school activity
  • Classroom aide for a teacher

Groups Admin Module

The Student Group Admin and User Group Admin modules are required to create or manage groups. Click here to learn about adding modules.

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