User Groups give SchoolStatus users access to Student Groups.

Any SchoolStatus user can be given access to students by making the User part of a User Group, and then adding students to a Student Group, and giving the Users access to the Students. Any administrator with the Group Admin module can create a User Group.

To create a group of students, go to our Create a Student Group page.

From your menu, select the Groups utility, and click "New" to start a Group.

Name your User Group, and add a detailed description. (Tip: Choose a group name that is similar to the Student Group you'll be creating, so that they will be easy to find if you need to modify both.)

Choose the Group Type as "User" and then populate members in your group by typing names in the "Add Members" search box. You'll see them on the right. Then, click "Save" when you are done.

You can search for your group by title, right under where you clicked "New" to create the group. The Group creator can edit any group.

Now that you have a User Group, check out this article now to Create a Student Group.

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