Please note: This article explains how to to remove names of those who do not need to be observed at all (cafeteria workers, bus drivers, janitors, etc.) so that no observers can see them. If you need to ignore some teachers who will be observed by someone else, click this article: How to ignore teachers in Feedbak that you don't need to observe.
This setting is applicable for users that have the User Admin module. If you don't see this option in your account, contact your administrator to do this for you.

To remove users from your whole district who do not need to be in Feedbak, you can do this by clicking on Teacher Creation under the management section in the SchoolStatus dashboard. 

 Then, search for the user on the Find Teacher box and uncheck the Visible box on the user you want to remove from Feedbak.  

Once you have done this, the user will no longer show in Feedbak. Make sure to Load Data on your iPad to reflect the change. 

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