Please note: This article explains how to ignore teachers that need to be observed within the district but not by me. If you need to remove teachers/users who do not need to be observed at all (cafeteria workers, bus drivers, janitors, etc.) click this article: How to make user accounts invisible in Feedbak

If you are an Observer, sometimes people you are not responsible for observing- or who do not need to be observed at all- will pop up on your "observable teachers" list. Luckily, you can hide them from your iPad view using the "Ignore" setting. Here's how:

Open a new Internet browser tab to log in at, click on Settings.

Select the Feedbak tab, and check the names you want to ignore in your list of observable teachers in Feedbak. Click Update when you are done.

Load data on your iPad or refresh your screen on the Web to see the updated list.

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