In order to observe teachers using the Feedbak iPad app, you must first have a SchoolStatus account. If you don't have one, or you don't know if you have one, contact 

Once you've logged into the Feedbak 2 app, click Load Data, then select Update Data. This gives you the most current data from and uploads your work.

Click Teachers from the left menu, and choose a teacher to observe.

Next, click + New next to course you want to observe. 

Select the rubric, and select Begin Observation.

Choose Formal or Informal. Use the camera icon to add photos. Use the hashtag icon to type in #hashtags. Use the question mark icon to select either a Strength or Growth marker, and add your own comments. Save frequently with the green disk icon.

Clicking DONE sends the observation to your Pending folder, so you can review and complete it later.

Click UPLOAD to see saving options. Usually you'll want "Save online and complete later" (Pending) or "Complete Feedbak now and notify teacher" (Completed).

"Complete and keep private" is used to save the observation as completed without notifying the teacher. With this option, the observation can't be edited unless it is re-opened by the SPOC.

Observation data recorded in the iPad app becomes available in SchoolStatus on the web when you upload it. Abandoned or not uploaded observations are saved in the iPad app as Pending; if you can't find an observation later, check your iPad's Pending folder.

When completing multiple observations in a row, remember to Load Data before each. This will return you to the teacher list between observations.

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